Maths Bee

On 9th February 2018 Westbridge pupils will have an opportunity to watch Maths Bee in action yet again! We were very excited about the upcoming event and would like to encourage EVERYBODY to invest their time an energy to master times tables in order to be selected. This year we have fantastic news for everyone. To increase everyone’s chance of … Read More

Safer Cycling Superstars!

A group of children in Year 6 have successfully completed their Level 2 Cycling Training! They are now fully prepared for cycling safely on the roads. Congratulations to our Safer Cycling Superstars! The training followed on from the Level 1 certificate they completed in Year 5, but this time moved on from the theory to the practical issues of cycling … Read More

Gifted artists

Our topic in Year 2 this half-term has been World War II, and for Remembrance Week, we took the opportunity to travel further back in time to learn about why the poppy is important to so many people. For Literacy, we have been writing a narrative based on the evacuation of children during the war. To help us better understand … Read More

Celebrating Autumn at Battersea Park

Nursery and Reception have been busy exploring the changes we see in nature when summer turns into autumn. Nursery has been exploring the different colours we see at autumn, mixing colours to paint leaves that are green, yellow, orange and red. On Thursday the 8th of November Nursery visited Battersea Park and had fun playing in the thousands of leaves … Read More

Reading is our superpower!

In Year 1, and as mentioned at the recent Parent’s Evening, reading is our superpower! We do phonics on a daily basis which the children really enjoy. We practice sounds that we know already and we learn lots of new sounds. To reinforce our learning, we play fun interactive games on the computer as well as playing phonics games outside. … Read More

KS1 Science Project – Plants

Year 1 have had a wonderful time learning about plants in Science this term. In particular, how to grow a broad bean plant from a bean. Every week, the children have observed and noted the changes in their plants and recorded their findings in their Bean Diaries. When the plants had grown so tall that we couldn’t see out of … Read More

Mini-beasts and Planting

Nursery and Reception were very excited to learn about mini-beasts and planting. Both classes planted outside and are learning about watering and caring for the plants as well as sharing the excitement of watching the first shoots appear and their continuing progress. We have been learning about where mini-beasts live, what the term ‘mini-beasts’ means – it is an animal … Read More

Ofsted are visiting Westbridge Primary School

Dear Parents and Carers, We are pleased to announce that OFSTED will be visiting Westbridge primary school on Tuesday the 16th and Wednesday, 17th May. We look forward to welcoming them and introducing them to all our hard-working pupils! You can also submit your views about the school here:

Year 5 Spanish Lesson at St John Bosco

On Wednesday 8th March 2017, Year 5 were invited to experience a Spanish lesson at St John Bosco Secondary School. This was an amazing opportunity for them, not only to learn the language from a Spanish expert, but also to experience a lesson in a secondary school classroom. The children were extremely excited to explore the brand new school and … Read More