Maths Bee

On 9th February 2018 Westbridge pupils will have an opportunity to watch Maths Bee in action yet again! We were very excited about the upcoming event and would like to encourage EVERYBODY to invest their time an energy to master times tables in order to be selected. This year we have fantastic news for everyone. To increase everyone’s chance of … Read More

Safer Cycling Superstars!

A group of children in Year 6 have successfully completed their Level 2 Cycling Training! They are now fully prepared for cycling safely on the roads. Congratulations to our Safer Cycling Superstars! The training followed on from the Level 1 certificate they completed in Year 5, but this time moved on from the theory to the practical issues of cycling … Read More

A Snowman at Sunset

On Tuesday 12th December at 2.30pm KS1 performed their Christmas production of a Snowman at Sunset. Year 1’s have worked super hard at learning all the songs and creating their own actions to accompany the songs. The children thoroughly enjoyed performing to their family and friends and many of the staff commented on how well the children sang. It was … Read More

Year 4 Meets Metro Bank Money Zone

On October 4th the Year 4 were lucky enough to be invited to visit The Metro Bank in the King’s Road. The objective of their visit was to complete a Money Zone Programme. This was a programmed filled with enrichment maths activities. The first session took place at the school. Here they were taught the basic principles of money and … Read More

Gifted artists

Our topic in Year 2 this half-term has been World War II, and for Remembrance Week, we took the opportunity to travel further back in time to learn about why the poppy is important to so many people. For Literacy, we have been writing a narrative based on the evacuation of children during the war. To help us better understand … Read More

Celebrating Autumn at Battersea Park

Nursery and Reception have been busy exploring the changes we see in nature when summer turns into autumn. Nursery has been exploring the different colours we see at autumn, mixing colours to paint leaves that are green, yellow, orange and red. On Thursday the 8th of November Nursery visited Battersea Park and had fun playing in the thousands of leaves … Read More