PE Participation

At Westbridge, we provide a high-quality Physical Education (PE) curriculum that inspires pupils to succeed and excel in a variety of sporting activities. All pupils are provided with opportunities to increase their competence and confidence in a range of physical activities which supports their health and fitness; thus enabling them to make informed choices about physical activities throughout their lives.

Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed our school ethos and motto of Grace, Love and Fellowship and the 4P, in addition to Spirit of the Games values, such as Teamwork and Self-belief.

Physical Education aims to help pupils to:

      • Develop and explore physical skills with increasing control and co-ordination;
      • Work and play with others in a range of group situations;
      • Perform skills and apply rules and conventions for different activities;
      • Increase children’s ability to use what they have learnt to improve the quality and control of their performance;
      • Teach pupils to recognise and describe how their bodies feel during exercise;
      • Develop the pupil’s enjoyment of physical activity through creativity and imagination;
      • Develop an understanding in children of how to succeed in a range of physical activities and how to evaluate their own success.

At Westbridge, we follow the National Curriculum PE Programmes of Study, utilising the skilled sports coaches and high quality teaching manuals from the 360 Sports Education Company for our PE curriculum planning and delivery.

All pupils have the opportunities to participate in at least two hours of physical activity each week. Pupils participate in a range of activities, which include:

  • EYFS – Dance, games, gymnastics and athletics
  • KS1- Dance, games, gymnastics and athletics
  • KS2 – Dance, games, gymnastics, athletics, swimming and water safety. Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA) are taught through planned orienteering activities and during the Year 6 residential school journey.