Happy New Year in Early Years!!

Hello to everyone and welcome back to school after our lovely winter break. It has been so nice hearing children’s stories from time spent with family.

In Nursery we have begun a new topic, Dinosaurs! We are very excited about it. We have made play-dough bones that we now look for in the sand tray, and we are making papier-mâché dinosaur eggs with Miss Margaret. The dinosaurs in ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs Go Raah!’ has been helping us to brush our teeth. We have been practicing using scissors, which has helped us to cut out dinosaur pictures, and make dinosaurs using the junk modelling resources. We are also practicing our letter sounds and writing during our phonics sessions. We are learning our colours in Spanish and we have welcomed some new classmates.

In Reception this term we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes, counting how many sides and corners they have. We have been using our shape knowledge to help us build on our junk modelling table and together we have built a big rocket. We continue to practice lots of handwriting and reading, and we are so proud of all the progress the children are making. Lastly, we have been discussing the importance of growth mindset, and that with hard work, we can achieve anything.

Kind regards,
The EYFS Team

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