Learning about the 4Ps in Year 4!

This week in Year 4 we have looked at the 4Ps – Pride, Potential, Positivity and Perseverance. We discussed what each word meant to us and how we can show them every day. We also looked at the definition of each word to see if our thinking was correct. After that, we wrote on post it notes what each P meant to us and how would we show it. We stuck our thoughts around our display so we can refer to them and see if we are able to achieve each of the 4Ps.

“Positivity means you never think negatively, you always say to yourself I can do this” Saskia

“Pride means to keep your work neat and tidy.” Imran

“Pride means being proud of something that you do.” CJ

“Perseverance means you keep trying and never give up.” Kishayla

“Potential means you keep trying hard as you can, even when something is hard.” Lillie-May

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