Learning in EYFS

It has been a very busy time for us in EYFS during the 2nd half of the autumn term.

In Nursery we have been noticing and talking about the change in the weather and the plants around us. We have also been enjoying our weekly Spanish lesson with
Senõr Aguia. We have been learning to say ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ as well as the colours and how to say how we are feeling. We really like the song we sing at the end of our class, ‘Adios mi Amigos, Adios’ and we often sing it while we are working at our activities. We have also been learning a days of the week song and Miss Murphy sent the link home so that we could practice it and continue our learning at home. We have also welcomed four new classmates and are making good friends with them.

In Reception we recently visited the Natural History Museum. It was a lovely day out; we especially liked visiting the gigantic T- Rex and watching the puppet show. Outside we now have a mud kitchen. We love getting messy and using our imagination to make lots of delicious recipes. We have also been using the mud kitchen for small world play, where we like to use diggers and trucks to move land to make a farm. Reception class are looking forward to Christmas and soon will be busy rehearsing for our Christmas play.

With this in mind, Year 1’s have discussed that it is hard to grow or learn if we say “I won’t do it”. We won’t grow a great deal if we say “I can’t do it” but we will start to grow if we start thinking, “I want to do it” and we will grow a little more if we say “How do I do it?”. We’ll grow even more if we say “I’ll try to do it” and we will flourish if we say “I can do it”.

The children have started the year with a great positive attitude towards their learning and it is fantastic to hear the children say “I can do it” before each lesson.

Think about how can you apply this message in your life and school work?

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