Year 6 residential trip: Day 4

Today I really enjoyed the environmental art session. My most favourite part of it was when we had five people in a group and two groups had to create a pollution picture and one had to create the Beauty of nature. I enjoyed this because I love nature and I believe that it is a beautiful thing and we should … Read More

Year 6 residential trip: Day 3

What a full on day today. First archery; then fire making followed by fencing; Aeroball; 3G swing and finally the scrap heap challenge! Today the funniest thing we did, had to be the 3G swing. We were seated on a rope and lifted into the sky ( we also held onto a metal pole).We then were dropped from a magnificent … Read More

Year 6 residential trip: Day 2

Today all children – although having many worries – successfully conquered many fears and phobias by the help of other classmates and teachers leaving a sensational feeling of success. By Stevie and Zoe

Year 6 Residential Trip 2019 – Day 1

We arrived safely and it was super busy from the start: balancing beam, high equilibrium and ultimate frisbee! The highlight of the day was… high equilibrium!

Summer Time in Early Years!!

Hello and welcome back to EYFS for the summer term. We have been having a wonderful time enjoying the warmer weather of this new season. Children in Reception have been particularly fond of the water tray, measuring different volumes and investigating how to funnel water from one location to another. The mud kitchen continues to provide opportunities for children to … Read More

Year 6 Pizza Express Experience

Year 6 visited Pizza Express on Wednesday 22nd May and had brilliant time learning all about pizzas. The morning began with the children learning about the history of pizza. They found out facts like why they called the pizza margarita (after the Queen of Italy) and other interesting information. Next they discussed what ingredients go into a ‘Pizza Express’ pizza. … Read More

Performance Poetry in Year 3

As part of English this half-term Year 3 have been studying performance poems. We have been listening to a range of performance poems and exploring the range of features that poets use. We have been learning to identify and use conjunctions that indicate time and cause, as well as investigating negative prefixes, informal language and rhymes. We chose a poem … Read More

Space Travel in Reception Class!!

Hello everyone and welcome to Spring Term 2. It has been another busy few weeks since our last post. This term Reception class has been exploring a new topic, Outer Space. To begin, we built a huge rocket, called Fizzy. With the help of our rocket, we have investigated all the different planets in our Solar System, had a picnic … Read More

Red Nose Day: 15th March 2019

On Friday 15th March 2019, Westbridge Primary School will be hosting a non-uniform day and cake sale to raise money for Comic Relief Red Nose Day. Click here to read the letter with full details