Safer Cycling Superstars!

A group of children in Year 6 have successfully completed their Level 2 Cycling Training! They are now fully prepared for cycling safely on the roads. Congratulations to our Safer Cycling Superstars!

The training followed on from the Level 1 certificate they completed in Year 5, but this time moved on from the theory to the practical issues of cycling on the streets of London.

With the support of a National Standard Approved Cycling Trainer, the children learnt lots of new skills, including how to keep a safe distance from the kerb or parked vehicles; how to indicate left and right before turning; how to turn left and right off a main road onto a side road and many other important elements of maintaining visibility and road position.

With cycling becoming a more and more popular mode of transport, these children are now fully equipped to use their bicycles to travel around the city. They are also helping look after the environment too, as cycling is really eco-friendly!

We hope that their success will inspire you to take part in the cycling training offered in Upper Key Stage 2 at Westbridge.

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