Science Week in Year 4!!

Last week, it was science week at Westbridge and we were very lucky to take part in two workshops as well as focusing on science in class. The first work shop was all about energy and digestion. We saw a jelly baby explode to show how much energy it contained. The workshop then went on to tell us about the digestive system. Did you know on average the small intestine is 7 meters long?!?

The second workshop was based around building a Mars rover. We worked in groups, following instructions to build a car and then we were given elastic bands to power the cars. Once we had tested how best to use the elastic band, we raced each other to see who’s car would go the furthest.

Back in class, we carried out an investigation all about pollution and the effect that it has. We saw how pollution effects air quality and what causes this pollution. As we discussed that cars were one of the biggest factors of pollution, we designed our own cars that used a green energy source. Some children thought of the idea of using Coca-Cola and Mentos mints so we decided we would do a similar experiment using bicarbonate and vinegar to make fruit shoot rockets. This was a lot of fun. After what seemed like hundreds of attempts, Mr. Stroud managed to get a bottle to fly! It went so high in the air!

With this in mind, Year 1’s have discussed that it is hard to grow or learn if we say “I won’t do it”. We won’t grow a great deal if we say “I can’t do it” but we will start to grow if we start thinking, “I want to do it” and we will grow a little more if we say “How do I do it?”. We’ll grow even more if we say “I’ll try to do it” and we will flourish if we say “I can do it”.

The children have started the year with a great positive attitude towards their learning and it is fantastic to hear the children say “I can do it” before each lesson.

Think about how can you apply this message in your life and school work?

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