Space Travel in Reception Class!!

Hello everyone and welcome to Spring Term 2. It has been another busy few weeks since our last post.

This term Reception class has been exploring a new topic, Outer Space. To begin, we built a huge rocket, called Fizzy. With the help of our rocket, we have investigated all the different planets in our Solar System, had a picnic on the moon, and hopped around the Moon’s surface. We have been inspired by the Artist Kandinsky to create planet paintings. Outer Space continues to be a very engaging topic for us, and to celebrate everything we have learned so far we will next week be visiting the Science Museum. As it is now officially the beginning of Spring we have started our vegetable garden, planting beans, broccoli, carrots and lettuce, fingers crossed we have a bountiful harvest.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Kausar for all her efforts and hard work as the Reception Teaching Assistant and introduce Mr Mead as the new member to our EYFS team.

Kind regards,
The EYFS Team

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