Summer Time in Early Years!!

Hello and welcome back to EYFS for the summer term. We have been having a wonderful time enjoying the warmer weather of this new season. Children in Reception have been particularly fond of the water tray, measuring different volumes and investigating how to funnel water from one location to another. The mud kitchen continues to provide opportunities for children to get closer to nature. The tree above the mud kitchen has been full of cocooning caterpillars, and when they opened, little butterflies could be found right before our eyes. Children were careful to be delicate with the new butterflies, and were quick to find a safe home to put them. We celebrated this experience through writing and describing the life cycle of mini-beasts.

In Nursery, children have been role-playing being fire fighters, dressing up with helmets, and driving fire-engines that they made out of cardboard boxes. Nursery children continue to practice writing their names, and are now learning their letter sounds. The nursery classroom is a number rich environment and it is lovely to see routines such as the class calendar supporting this.

Everyone in EYFS would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers for their continued hard work and support.

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