Year 6 Pizza Express Experience

Year 6 visited Pizza Express on Wednesday 22nd May and had brilliant time learning all about pizzas.

The morning began with the children learning about the history of pizza. They found out facts like why they called the pizza margarita (after the Queen of Italy) and other interesting information. Next they discussed what ingredients go into a ‘Pizza Express’ pizza. Finally they made their own.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wrote thank you letters to the restaurant to show their appreciation.

With this in mind, Year 1’s have discussed that it is hard to grow or learn if we say “I won’t do it”. We won’t grow a great deal if we say “I can’t do it” but we will start to grow if we start thinking, “I want to do it” and we will grow a little more if we say “How do I do it?”. We’ll grow even more if we say “I’ll try to do it” and we will flourish if we say “I can do it”.

The children have started the year with a great positive attitude towards their learning and it is fantastic to hear the children say “I can do it” before each lesson.

Think about how can you apply this message in your life and school work?

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